Christmas sensory play

If you have children you are bound to have a craft cupboard full of shiny paper paints etc.

This morning after our #elfontheshelf had fun with our button stash we decided to play too.


Your craft cupboard need not be expensive shop bought crafting materials most of ours are salvaged ribbons, birthday present bags and decorative wine carriers. Squirrelling them away saves a fortune.

I wanted to create a wintery sensory experience. We have a variety if materials and mediums to use.


*christmas buttons in red, green and white
*christmas tree and star shaped buttons
*holographic card
*glitter white card
* silver ribbon
* silver thread
*feather boa pieces
*silver metallic shred
*a few snowflake adornments removed from a wine bag
* and some white paper to place items on

I decided against gluing as we can package the materials up and play again rather than fixing them down. The materials available providing a tactile play experience during the run up to Christmas.

I will leave this activity open to my 2 and 3 year old all morning.





I sat with my 2 year old and we created a little Angel.



Summer Sensory play

Another beautifully warm day in Scotland. After busy days at pre school and primary School the children were hot and bothered but looking for an activity.

I wanted to provide them with opportunity for imaginative play but also enable them to keep cool in the hot sunshine.

We filled the faithful Spider-man paddling pool with Luke warm water, not too full either. I picked up a bag full of glass decorative beads in the charity shop, the kind you may find at the base of a flower display. They are all sorts of shades of blue and green. We also collected a small collection of Smurf figures from a bric a brac stall at the weekend.

Sprinkling the beads in the water the children whispered ‘jewels’, magic’. I then produced the wee figures. Instantly the children were conjuring up great stories of adventure involving treasure and spells. The older children guiding the younger in their group sensory play.

The played happily for hours, pausing to go for a cycle or a bounce in the neighbouring trampoline, but always coming back.

It is amazing the scope that children can use objects to create games. We need to get ourselves back into that mind set. Not seeing a decorative pebble as just that, but seeing the limitless opportunity, potential and fun that simple objects can bring.



Garden update

More preparation to plant and grow more in our little garden was underway the other day.


I’ve been saving wee pots from our kitchen to plant our seeds into. So armed with enthusiasm we got stuck in.





The boys had great fun getting muddy, using trowels, and measuring out enough soil for each container using compost. Even our 18month old had fun joining in. Start them young.




We had decided on planting beans, carrots, beetroot and a variation of butternut squash. We’ve planted beans before and they were really successful. Planting the other types of vegetables provides a new experience for us all.




Once our gardening duties were performed we gave the newly planted seeds a little watering. We still had a lot of compost left so we poured it into our old paddling pool and brought out the dinosaurs to play with. The kids also loved just digging in the mud over and over again.



We also checked upon the potatoes planted last gardening time and our strawberries which come back every year.



Everything growing well we are happy to report.