We are all a bit under the weather high temperatures, chills etc so a soothing bath seemed a fabulous idea. I was sent these fabulous bathtimebuddies Alphabet set to review. We would love to be a product ambassador.

Follow the link to see their extensive range of toys.

Firstly some music to set the mood

The set comes all packaged in a sturdy plastic container which acts as a storage tub when not playing with the letters.

The letters are brightly coloured and tactile. Ideal for little hands.

At first there were just letters amongst the bubbles. The children had great fun touching them and gathering them up with a plastic sieve.
We then introduced some other bath toys boats, ducks and frogs. My pre schooler -aged 4 and Primary one – aged 5 enjoyed sounding out ‘b’ for boat, ‘f’ for frog etc

My 5 year old enjoyed finding the letters to make up the word to match the object. A great hands on learning tool in a very different learning environment.

We also sorted the letters into different colour groups and practiced our colour recognition counting them as we went.

One of the features I liked best is the very well designed draining aspect on the storage tub lid. Children are able to play with their toys, join in the tidying up of the activity then tip the tub upside down and watch the water drain away till next time.

We have owned bath letters before and these are so much easier to use and enjoyable to play with. As the tub serves as a fantastic storage vessel the letters are kept neat and tidy. I can see these letters being used a lot during summer in the water trough.

As we went downstairs after bathtime my 4 year old shouted ‘ I loved those letters’ – straight from the mouth of babes happy, happy children.







Mark making in the snow

Yesterday I was the grumpiest woman alive, a combination of testing toddlers and general coldness. I started today in a positive manner putting the darkness of yesterday behind me.

So obviously we had scones for breakfast. I always keep a few scone mixes in the cupboard and we had ran out of bread and not enough milk for cereal. Tesco delivery coming later.


Once our teenager has gone off to catch the school bus it’s a quick throw on of clothes and tidy up for me and off to school we go. Today I’ve pinched my husbands under armour top he uses for cycling to wear under a jumper dress. Warm Mum =Happy Mum


Once children deposited at school we have a leisurely stroll home exploring the surroundings.


There is always a plethora of twigs and no toddler can resist a stick. So we all picked a stick and decided to play in the little snow there was.






Our two year old was happy creating any mark swirls, squiggles enjoying seeing her action creating an imprint in the snow.

Our 4 year old however was able to create an ‘H’ for his name, and some ‘x’ marks the spot for treasure and kisses like in a card. He could not quite decide.

It was rather chilly and we knew our food delivery would be here soon so we dug our sticks in deep to the snow on the path and made a trail all the way home.

Dinosaur themed lunch

We are all enjoying Dinosaur train on Netflix. Picking up Harris from preschool involved a long walk home in the rain so we all fancied a hot lunch.

We love dinosaurs and the little ones are thoroughly enjoying learning about all the dinosaur species through the well made kids programme. It’s informative, educational and entertaining.


I had a pack of Bernard Matthews dinosaurs so we popped them in the oven and they were served with a wrap. Alongside our dinosaurs we had Twiglets which are left over from Christmas and reminded us of bones, some mint sweeties which we thought looked like dinosaur teeth and some honeycombed matchmakers chocolates which are representative of all the large tree trunks in prehistoric times. Our drink to accompany our meal was a lovely glass of ice cold milk, which we know makes our bones big and strong like dinosaurs. 👍

Break from the norm

I’m aware of the importance of routines and bedtimes in our house. It makes it a happier environment to live in. But sometimes just sometimes rules need to be abandoned.

This is exactly what we did the other evening instead of bedtime we went for a late night stroll down the beach.






We had an amazing evening of exploration of nature, enjoying each other’s company and the beautiful views that surround us.

So sometimes, just sometimes a break for the norm can provide you with an experience which you shall cherish forever.

Summer Sensory play

Another beautifully warm day in Scotland. After busy days at pre school and primary School the children were hot and bothered but looking for an activity.

I wanted to provide them with opportunity for imaginative play but also enable them to keep cool in the hot sunshine.

We filled the faithful Spider-man paddling pool with Luke warm water, not too full either. I picked up a bag full of glass decorative beads in the charity shop, the kind you may find at the base of a flower display. They are all sorts of shades of blue and green. We also collected a small collection of Smurf figures from a bric a brac stall at the weekend.

Sprinkling the beads in the water the children whispered ‘jewels’, magic’. I then produced the wee figures. Instantly the children were conjuring up great stories of adventure involving treasure and spells. The older children guiding the younger in their group sensory play.

The played happily for hours, pausing to go for a cycle or a bounce in the neighbouring trampoline, but always coming back.

It is amazing the scope that children can use objects to create games. We need to get ourselves back into that mind set. Not seeing a decorative pebble as just that, but seeing the limitless opportunity, potential and fun that simple objects can bring.