Mark making in the snow

Yesterday I was the grumpiest woman alive, a combination of testing toddlers and general coldness. I started today in a positive manner putting the darkness of yesterday behind me.

So obviously we had scones for breakfast. I always keep a few scone mixes in the cupboard and we had ran out of bread and not enough milk for cereal. Tesco delivery coming later.


Once our teenager has gone off to catch the school bus it’s a quick throw on of clothes and tidy up for me and off to school we go. Today I’ve pinched my husbands under armour top he uses for cycling to wear under a jumper dress. Warm Mum =Happy Mum


Once children deposited at school we have a leisurely stroll home exploring the surroundings.


There is always a plethora of twigs and no toddler can resist a stick. So we all picked a stick and decided to play in the little snow there was.






Our two year old was happy creating any mark swirls, squiggles enjoying seeing her action creating an imprint in the snow.

Our 4 year old however was able to create an ‘H’ for his name, and some ‘x’ marks the spot for treasure and kisses like in a card. He could not quite decide.

It was rather chilly and we knew our food delivery would be here soon so we dug our sticks in deep to the snow on the path and made a trail all the way home.


Dinosaur themed lunch

We are all enjoying Dinosaur train on Netflix. Picking up Harris from preschool involved a long walk home in the rain so we all fancied a hot lunch.

We love dinosaurs and the little ones are thoroughly enjoying learning about all the dinosaur species through the well made kids programme. It’s informative, educational and entertaining.


I had a pack of Bernard Matthews dinosaurs so we popped them in the oven and they were served with a wrap. Alongside our dinosaurs we had Twiglets which are left over from Christmas and reminded us of bones, some mint sweeties which we thought looked like dinosaur teeth and some honeycombed matchmakers chocolates which are representative of all the large tree trunks in prehistoric times. Our drink to accompany our meal was a lovely glass of ice cold milk, which we know makes our bones big and strong like dinosaurs. 👍

Autumns arrival

The children have been back at school for a while, and new routines are settling. I’m still enjoying walking around without a jacket on but today I felt a definite autumnal nip in the air, along with some signs of nature around me.

I’ve spotted fruitful bramble bushes and colourful piles of leaves in varying green and orange shades around the village. My toddler and I have been dropping helicopter seeds watching them twirl and spin in wonder.

Soon summer clothes will be packed away and we shall enjoy coziness of jumpers warm socks and scarves. Who am I kidding -I live in the West of Scotland where rain and cold are common place no matter what season.




Bike ride

Struggling to fit in exercise whilst being a busy mum of 6 is tricky. So the other morning I got up before everyone else at 6 am and went for a cycle.


The weather was not too hot due to the early time, as Scotland has beef amid a heat wave. It’d been a while since I went cycling but I loved it. The wind in my face, freedom from the restraints of family demands and a clearer headspace for the following days.



I have a great wee route which is roughly 5 miles there and back. I always stop at this spot, such beauty. The water was crystal clear and the nature around me was astonishing.








There was a lovely sense of calm and peace at that time of the morning. As I travelled back the day was heating up and I looked forward to a day ahead cooling off in the paddling pool. I felt refreshed and glad I had had the opportunity to do my own thing – be selfish for a little while. Which I feel is necessary at times to be a better Mother, and wife.