Bike ride

Struggling to fit in exercise whilst being a busy mum of 6 is tricky. So the other morning I got up before everyone else at 6 am and went for a cycle.


The weather was not too hot due to the early time, as Scotland has beef amid a heat wave. It’d been a while since I went cycling but I loved it. The wind in my face, freedom from the restraints of family demands and a clearer headspace for the following days.



I have a great wee route which is roughly 5 miles there and back. I always stop at this spot, such beauty. The water was crystal clear and the nature around me was astonishing.








There was a lovely sense of calm and peace at that time of the morning. As I travelled back the day was heating up and I looked forward to a day ahead cooling off in the paddling pool. I felt refreshed and glad I had had the opportunity to do my own thing – be selfish for a little while. Which I feel is necessary at times to be a better Mother, and wife.

Break from the norm

I’m aware of the importance of routines and bedtimes in our house. It makes it a happier environment to live in. But sometimes just sometimes rules need to be abandoned.

This is exactly what we did the other evening instead of bedtime we went for a late night stroll down the beach.






We had an amazing evening of exploration of nature, enjoying each other’s company and the beautiful views that surround us.

So sometimes, just sometimes a break for the norm can provide you with an experience which you shall cherish forever.