Being wheezy, isn’t easy !

It’s World Asthma Day so sharing this again

Life and Times of Mamma GC



The past week has thrust upon me a very difficult situation. I have been asthmatic for as long as I can remember- always my friend Ventolin Inhaler on my person 24hrs a day. But this week I had a terrible scare.

Well cast back to last year at roughly this exact time of the year I had a severe reaction to a nut, resulting in Anaphylaxis !!!!! Most scary experience known to man and I have lived through a few.  Since then I have been vigilant in the looking after of myself for me, but also for the family. As I am the main care giver and responsible for most goings on within the home. 

I have mentioned I always carry my reliever inhaler with me at all times. They are in every room of my house and possibly every hand bag I own lol! I also have to carry…

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