Christmas sensory play

If you have children you are bound to have a craft cupboard full of shiny paper paints etc.

This morning after our #elfontheshelf had fun with our button stash we decided to play too.


Your craft cupboard need not be expensive shop bought crafting materials most of ours are salvaged ribbons, birthday present bags and decorative wine carriers. Squirrelling them away saves a fortune.

I wanted to create a wintery sensory experience. We have a variety if materials and mediums to use.


*christmas buttons in red, green and white
*christmas tree and star shaped buttons
*holographic card
*glitter white card
* silver ribbon
* silver thread
*feather boa pieces
*silver metallic shred
*a few snowflake adornments removed from a wine bag
* and some white paper to place items on

I decided against gluing as we can package the materials up and play again rather than fixing them down. The materials available providing a tactile play experience during the run up to Christmas.

I will leave this activity open to my 2 and 3 year old all morning.





I sat with my 2 year old and we created a little Angel.


HHH Christmas Photo Challenge


I’m joining in the challenge over the Christmas month following the prompts up above. I will add photo daily. Join in too #HHHChristmas

Day One Advent


First day of Advent so decorated my children’s bananas for their lunchbox

Day 2 Red


Day 3 Green


Day 4 Love

Been decorating sequinned baubles for local Autism Group I am involved in

Day 5 Tradition

I always buy tickets for our whole family to attend a Christmas panto. Good festive fun for all age groups.

Day 6 Comfy


Our wee #elfontheshelf enjoying an Oreo and marshmallow bath.

Day 7 Scenery

Our local town had a major revamp of the town square I think it looks fabulous.

Day 8 Breakfast


Banana muffins for my gang nice and warm on these cold mornings.