Helensburgh Winter Festival


As a family of 8 we travelled into our local town to join in with the Winter Festival. The darkness of the few days pervious had lifted , the sun was shining and the town bustling with people.





Colquhoun Square was full to the brim of activities and stalls alike. The local buffet shop was the place to meet Santa and express your Christmas wishes. Also nearby there was the opportunity to meet Reindeers and small Shetland ponies. The younger half of our tribe were thrilled with a go on the merry go round.

We saw a few fancy cars, which the boys enjoyed, participated in activities and competitions and soaked up the overall community spirit which was so apparent all around. Stall holders were full of festive cheer displaying some beautiful wares.

We chose to sample lunch at the newly opened Logie Baird. It was perfect for us good service, and excellent value food. The kids also came away with some helium balloons from the re opening night. An ideal distraction for our 2 year old who was ‘hangry’. I opted for haggis neaps and tatties all covered in a tasty whiskey sauce.




After our nourishing meal we made our way to see the display of fireworks. The children were mesmerised. I was doubly delighted as we missed the annual fireworks night recently due to chickenpox. Smiley faces watching starbursts in the sky in wonder.


As promised after a hearty lunch and the display we went to seek out sweet treats at I love Candy, Helensburgh.



The children were not disappointed. Although the much sought after candy floss still needed purchased. Luckily as we went through the square stalls were packing up and we got a fabulous deal on the left over bags. Sometimes being a big family has it’s advantages.

We had such a lovely day at a well planned and thought out event. It was exactly what we needed heading into the first day of advent tomorrow. It built excitement up in the children , finally we can embrace Christmas !

What did we buy?





Chutney, piccalilli, jam and marmalade from Glengarrys kitchen
German handmade gingerbread cookies – a steal at £2 for 12
Festive tea towels from the PDSA stall
Two vintage scarves at £2 each
Handmade ornaments
Lomond Soap bars in whiskey and ginger, patchouli and lavender and geranium and rosehip
Vampire Bite Hot Sauce from lomondchillies.com
Beautiful handmade Merry Christmas bunting £12
I pre ordered a Billy Connolly mug from a talent local artist for a Christmas present Emma £7
And an array of sweeties, fudge chocolate and popping candy.



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