Colour me Rad Edinburgh 2014

A while back I stumbled across a great wee 5k event. This wasn’t like anything I had heard of before. Everyone starts the race in white t-shirts. Then whilst moving through the race course volunteers throw large amounts of paint sent in your direction. Awesome!

I found a friend willing to take part, the same lovely lady who completed the road block run with me last year. Our sons are in the same class and we thought it was a great opportunity to get the kids involved in something for charity whilst keeping fit.


Sundays are normal a very slow paced day in our house, preparing for school the following day and enjoying each other’s company. But this Sunday my second eldest son and I were up dressed and out of the house for half past seven.

We could have got a train to the venue in Ingilston, Edinburgh but this would have proved more costly and the train link was a bit far away. My awesome compadre volunteered to drive us over.


From the side of the road we were able to catch a glimpse of huge tall colourful banners, and lots of people heading that way in the uniform white t- shirts. The two min members of our team were very excited. A registration fault on line had made us unable to pay.

After a length traffic jam we got parked and made our way to the field. I had never been here before but knew it was used for country fairs, live stock shows etc. As we walked in the field we could feel the squelch of mud underfoot.

Porta loos were a must after a lengthy drive, then to check our registration.A registration fault in line had made us unable to pay online. Settling on the day set us back an extra £14 – not what we had expected. Children aged 7 and under were free to enter with a paying adult.



Upon registration you received a race number, a snazzy fluorescent pair of mirrored glasses and a RAD tattoo. You were also given a t-shirt for participating. (I think it would have been better to get presented this upon finishing.)



As a wee team we joined the queue to start. There was a massive buzz of excitement surrounding us. Some entrants opting for a colourful tutu or full fancy dress. We travelled on the course steadily doing a walk/ run variation with the two boys. They were full of beans and could have sprinted through the whole course.


Approaching the first stop, where we would receive our first pelting of colour, pink clouds of smoke filled the air with shrieks of glee. My son was unsure at first but I showed him it was ok, nothing to worry about. It was like being on the receiving end of a powdered paint snow ball. Terrific!


The next stations were yellow, orange, green and purple. The green was a wet paint so no photos I am afraid. The boys realised if they asked nicely they were allowed their own hand fulls of paint to throw all over their Mums and each other.





It was so lovely seeing the boys running free and enjoying themselves….. until. We had a wee accident, my son tripped grazing his knee. But the wonderful first aiders were in hand to help him.


Overhead we saw aeroplanes taking off for tropical destinations and the sun shone down from start to finish.



We made it, crossed the finish line all in one piece, all multicoloured. We were presented with our own pack of colourful paint, which we of course threw all over each other. Entrants partied on down to upbeat music celebrating the day and their achievements.


It was nice to take part in something different with such an amazing atmosphere. There was a buzz of happiness and positivity surrounding everyone, just what you want whilst raising money for such a worthwhile cause – make a wish foundation.


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