What a glorious day.

As many celebrate the 70th year since the D- Day landing we are also having a celebration of our own.

For the past week the younger contingent of camp Gc have been poorly. Viral rashes, temperatures and croup. For three days solid we have been house bound. As everyone is starting to perk up a little I decided for the good of everyone’s health and my own sanity – we needed to get some fresh air.

The sun splitting the sky we decided to utilise what we have on our doorstep. A trip down the beach for a picnic.


We stopped at the local shop and got some square sausage rolls and juice. I had other bits and pieces packed to take with us from home.


We all enjoyed the warm feeling of the sun on our skin as we ate our lunch. I even had the chance to have a quick flick through the local paper.






<img src="https://thelifeandtimesofmammagc.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/20140606-150401-54241305.

The children were exploring the area around them. The boys collecting driftwood and piling them up to make a makeshift campfire, our little madam making a bid for freedom to the water. It was amazing just how quickly her little self could manoeuvre the slippery stones and sea weed. We used a plastic bag and collected a generous amount of cockle shells and mussel shells in every shade of blue.

Aware of the damaging rays of the sun at midday we packed up our belongings and set back for home, ensuring we took all our rubbish with us.

Our local church was looking particularly beautiful today.

Once home we set about picking some daisies and buttercups to use in a natural art activity. I have seen such beautiful mandalas by other instagrammers and thought we could have a go.

And some silly faces.


I think we celebrated our freedom and return to good health in a positive manner. Giving thanks for all that is good around us and the sacrifices those who came before us made so we can enjoy today.



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