Being thankful

Today saw the first school visit for my little premature baby Emmett. Emmett was born nearly 9 months to the day I lost my Dad. He was 6 weeks premature and weighed a gigantic 6lbs 3, big for a premature baby.

Before Emmett’s unexpected early arrival life had been tough with the loss of my Dad and then a promotion at work which fell through, as the company went bankrupt. I’ve not worked since.

I took stock of my current situation and decided ‘home’ was the place I needed to be. It’s not been easy but I am thankful to the set of circumstances which lead me here.

Hard to believe I was taking my 4th child for his settling in sessions at school. I had nervous knots in my tummy for him. I was also worried how the separation of him and his little brother would affect them, they go to nursery together.

Gathered together new pupils and parents squished into a small Gp room for informal tea and coffee. The children were quickly taken away for their drama session. I was so relieved that my brilliant boy showed no tears and like a true student went to join in with no fuss or bother.

It was lovely to have a wee informal catch up with the other mothers and fathers and discuss the new experiences our precious children would soon take part in and the big steps ahead of them.

A lovely cup of coffee with a particularly well behaved 18m old and my boy was soon by my side. He was buzzing with excitement and stories about what they had been doing and beaming with pride with his head teachers sticker placed proudly on his Spider-Man hoodie.

We had the opportunity to take our children back to nursery for the remainder of the session but I decided, as part of a large family, small moments of importance like this should be recognised and celebrated. Appropriately with a nice cream from the local shop.


This was followed by a really brilliant stroll along the shore chatting to each other and throwing stones in the water.





Our little one was taken by the beach, trying very hard at times to get in the water. It was a lovely morning.

Unexpectedly I bumped into my Dads old friend whilst there. We were reminiscing about old times and it was just such a lovely out of the blue meeting.










I was presented with a daisy for such a nice morning.

After a lovely morning we trundled up leisurely to get Harris from nursery. The boys were giddy with excitement to see each other after a morning if separation. Our walk back home was filled with chases, blowing dandelion clocks and lots if laughter.




All in all a perfect day, the beginning of changes for us all and plenty excitement.



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