Race for Life

Yesterday we got up at the crack of dawn to take part in the Glasgow based event, Glagow Green. I’ve taken part in this annual event every year, apart from one when I had terrible hips during pregnancy, since losing my Dad to Cancer in 2008.

My little girls nearly 18m and 8 years were tired little bunnies. All bleary eyed they dressed in their matching pink tu tu dresses ready for the days excitement. My wonderful Mum also joined us. We treat this day as a girls day out whilst generating money for charity.


Living in the West of Scotland we struggle with rainy days but we certainly were not going to let that spoil our day. This years events were brought forward due to the Commonwealth Games being based in the city during the Summer.



It’s just a short train journey to Glasgow from Helensburgh. We used this time to have a quick breakfast on the move and fill in our messages that you wear saying who you race for life for. The train carriages steadily filled up with people dressed in an array of pink, wigs, and fancy dress. Lots of people all doing their bit for charity.


After departing the train and making our way to the park in a sea of excited pinkness we arrived at the Green. Many had gone to a lot of trouble with costumes of all kinds, groups all co-ordinating with each other. I think my favourite this year was a bridal party. Full wedding dress and bridesmaids – just brilliant.

The event is really well organised by the brilliant volunteers and charity workers alike. It is hard to describe just how amazing the atmosphere of the day is. Many people all touched by cancer, survivors, loved ones all together gearing up to help create much needed money for cancer research. You are surrounded by people’s personal messages- many carrying pictures of their loved ones. It reminds you just how important your ‘taking part’ actually is.




As thousands of participants ebbed forward to the starting line bag pipes were playing and you felt extreme pride in what you are doing. I remember from previous years each km is marked by a piper. I loved this, exactly the uplifting encouragement you needed to carry on.


Whilst travelling through the central streets of Glasgow you see the most wonderful architecture and the odd tourist spot.


In no time at all we were heading towards the end of the celebratory 5km. Just before the finish there was a foam machine spurting foam- it would have been rude not to have joined in.


Crossing the finish line with my brilliant Mum and fantastic girls gave me an incredible feeling of pride. We were each given a token medal, a refreshing drink of water and a brioche roll. Nothing tasted so good.



We had a wee look around the stalls and then made our way for our celebratory lunch out. What a great day, can’t wait to do it all again next year.





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