My new set of wheels

I’ve been looking for ages for a wee trailer for the back of my beloved Vlad the bike. Yesterday I stumbled upon one on a local selling site. A great price for something which will enrich my day to day life.

So this morning Granny came to sit with the children while I peddled off to view my possible new contraption. I was so excited. I don’t drive and can be very limited to my free time during the day due to nursery / school drop offs and collections.

With my new gadget my little lady and I could go a cycle after the school run, go shopping with ease or take ourselves swimming – which is something my little madam has just discovered, and loves.

Cycling at full pelt to my destination I also got a really good workout this morning.

Arriving at the sellers home I spotted the fabulous trailer, almost brand new and in really good shape. Money was exchanged and I towed my trailer, which is a lovely pink colour, home.


The kids were very excited too Batman and Superman approved 🙂

I can’t wait to take the kids a wee spin, and am excited about the adventures we will have with this wee trailer.


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