Garden decoration

This is cheap easy and fun to do.

I had a small collection of old style cd games for a computer and thought they would be nice reflective decorations in the garden.


All you need is the CDs some string and some craft scissors.



My 3 and 5 year old helped thread them. This is good for hand eye co- ordination.


One all tied up we assembled one into a long hanging decoration. The boys liked the could see themselves in it.


Can you spot me?

The remainder CDs we tied to the fence posts, adding a bit of sparkle to our plain boring fence.


A really easy activity to brighten up your garden and keep your pre schoolers busy.


Garden update

More preparation to plant and grow more in our little garden was underway the other day.


I’ve been saving wee pots from our kitchen to plant our seeds into. So armed with enthusiasm we got stuck in.





The boys had great fun getting muddy, using trowels, and measuring out enough soil for each container using compost. Even our 18month old had fun joining in. Start them young.




We had decided on planting beans, carrots, beetroot and a variation of butternut squash. We’ve planted beans before and they were really successful. Planting the other types of vegetables provides a new experience for us all.




Once our gardening duties were performed we gave the newly planted seeds a little watering. We still had a lot of compost left so we poured it into our old paddling pool and brought out the dinosaurs to play with. The kids also loved just digging in the mud over and over again.



We also checked upon the potatoes planted last gardening time and our strawberries which come back every year.



Everything growing well we are happy to report.

Being thankful

Today saw the first school visit for my little premature baby Emmett. Emmett was born nearly 9 months to the day I lost my Dad. He was 6 weeks premature and weighed a gigantic 6lbs 3, big for a premature baby.

Before Emmett’s unexpected early arrival life had been tough with the loss of my Dad and then a promotion at work which fell through, as the company went bankrupt. I’ve not worked since.

I took stock of my current situation and decided ‘home’ was the place I needed to be. It’s not been easy but I am thankful to the set of circumstances which lead me here.

Hard to believe I was taking my 4th child for his settling in sessions at school. I had nervous knots in my tummy for him. I was also worried how the separation of him and his little brother would affect them, they go to nursery together.

Gathered together new pupils and parents squished into a small Gp room for informal tea and coffee. The children were quickly taken away for their drama session. I was so relieved that my brilliant boy showed no tears and like a true student went to join in with no fuss or bother.

It was lovely to have a wee informal catch up with the other mothers and fathers and discuss the new experiences our precious children would soon take part in and the big steps ahead of them.

A lovely cup of coffee with a particularly well behaved 18m old and my boy was soon by my side. He was buzzing with excitement and stories about what they had been doing and beaming with pride with his head teachers sticker placed proudly on his Spider-Man hoodie.

We had the opportunity to take our children back to nursery for the remainder of the session but I decided, as part of a large family, small moments of importance like this should be recognised and celebrated. Appropriately with a nice cream from the local shop.


This was followed by a really brilliant stroll along the shore chatting to each other and throwing stones in the water.





Our little one was taken by the beach, trying very hard at times to get in the water. It was a lovely morning.

Unexpectedly I bumped into my Dads old friend whilst there. We were reminiscing about old times and it was just such a lovely out of the blue meeting.










I was presented with a daisy for such a nice morning.

After a lovely morning we trundled up leisurely to get Harris from nursery. The boys were giddy with excitement to see each other after a morning if separation. Our walk back home was filled with chases, blowing dandelion clocks and lots if laughter.




All in all a perfect day, the beginning of changes for us all and plenty excitement.


Haworth 1940’s weekend

I’ve always been fond of period dramas and inquisitive about the past, I adored the film ‘Land Girls ‘ starring Anna Friel. When my sister suggested a 1940’s weekend to celebrate her hen weekend I jumped at the chance to be involved.

Fore-mostly, a weekend away with the girls would provide a great sense of escapism from my usual position of stay at home mother of 6. Swapping dirty nappies, squabbling children and housework for pearls, tea dresses, red lipstick and a trip into the past seemed like a great idea.

The run up to the weekend has been fun tracking down suitable clothes to wear in keeping with the specific period, scouring second hand/ charity shops and eBay for the ultimate accessories to compliment our 1940’s outfits. I’m lucky enough to have inherited pieces from the era belonging my husbands late Great Aunt. I think she would be pleased to know that I will be wearing them with pride that weekend.

Fun and frivolities aside we will also be gaining a deeper understanding of the sense of history of the time, seeing first hand vehicles ,and displays. Developing an appreciation for our country’s Military services of the past and present and the sacrifices all who serve make for us. The weekend will also generate money and awareness of the Uk’s oldest tri service Military Service SSAFA.

Cottage booked, transport organised and dance classes booked, I’m so excited to take part in. Haworth, Yorkshire , a village steeped in history and far removed from my Scottish hometown. I will be able to see first hand the confectionary delights of ‘Miss Beightons’ sweet shop, perhaps learn more about the Bronte sisters and take a cream tea or two with friends creating memories and having fun.

Weekend bags and vanity cases packed full of fancy forties frocks, fake furs, and glamorous accessories and make up at the ready, I cannot wait for the weekend to arrive. It certainly will be one to remember.