Easy valentine craft

A neighbour gave us a few plain white canvasses. My eldest daughter loves Art and all things creative. We decided to search to find something we could do with the canvasses. Pinterest is a wonderful thing!

We settled on an outcome and gathered the necessary equipment. Being a past nursery teacher I always have a stash of craft supplies in the cupboard to play with, glitter, buttons fabric and the like.

On this occasion all we needed was:
Red finger paint
Blue tac
And the canvas itself

First step was to cut out a heart template. Folding the cardboard in half will give you a nice even shape.

Once cut out secure to your canvas. Try and position in a central position.

Next step using your index finger you want to paint in finger prints around the heart shape in a stippling fashion. My daughter completed the left side and I the right.

Once happy all the area is stippled to your satisfaction you can remove the heart. It may be best to wait till the paint is dry. But we were on a tight schedule before bedtime so removed it immediately.

We were very pleased with the result. You could if you wish go back and stipple on top another colour giving the canvass more interest but we were happy with it the way it was.

A labour of love, quick easy, fun and effective 🙂





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