Of late I have embarked upon a period of reflection. After a pretty scary end to last year involving my husband and major surgery I am glad of the calm pace 2014 has given us, thus far.

In life we are given choices, some decisions I have made have not been the best but I am not going to dwell on them. I will learn from my experiences and move on with my life.

From all my life experiences homelessness, loss, failure, success and achievements- all my decisions have brought me to this moment in time. I’ve been able to provide support to my husband in his journey post operatively back to health, keep my home life steady for my young brood and nothing gives me greater joy or satisfaction.

I’ve struggled in the past with self belief and my confidence levels could be improved massively. But this period of adjustment has highlighted my strengths. I am determined, capable, and fiercely independent. I could dwell on the sadness and stressful moments ill health has brought our family but I won’t. I am choosing to embrace each day and truly be thankful for all that I have.

Congenital heart disease I thank you- for giving us the signals of poor health which enabled us to get help to rectify the problem, for making ‘us’ thankful for what have in each other as partners/ a family unit every day, for starting a stirring of self belief in someone who had lost her way and is capable of so much more .





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