Malleable Monday

We’ve all had temperatures over the weekend, curse the weather. Hurry up springtime.

With two pre school children poorly and unable to go to nursery I decided to make some play dough to keep us busy this morning.

The play dough recipe is easy to follow- basically throw on ingredients and stir till consistency looks like play dough on the hob. If mixture looks too sticky just add extra flour 😀

We added some cinnamon to make the play dough smell nice and some glitter to make it more exciting. We also added some red paint to give it a bit of colour.

I provided traditional cutters in heart, star and gingerbread shapes. We also had buttons and various shaped sequins for decoration. The boys enjoyed making traditional gingerbread men then we moved on to making monsters and snakes. Our youngest had a shot mushing the play dough in her fingers and with help creating some star shapes.

The great thing about this activity is the play dough itself can be squashed up and stored in Tupperware in the
fridge for a while, and all the decorations can be peeled off and used in another activity.








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