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july 853

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After the emotional roller coaster of heart surgery for my Husband of late I decided we must make the most of Halloween and enjoy ourselves ‘together’.

Normally we would all get dressed up in costumes, Mum and Dad included and go guising /trick or treating in our wee village. But the wicked weather and general tiredness in the house changed matters somewhat. We decided to have a Halloween evening in. The new going out is staying in don’t you know lol!

After all we had all been to various events over the course of the past week, school discos, charity fundraisers, nursery and toddler parties. We were all partied out.

So our Halloween evening consisted of an easy dinner, I normally cook from scratch but I opted for treat meal as we generally eat so well other nights. Once fed those who decided to dress up had full use of our extensive dressing up box.. Everyone enjoying playing pretend till I put the final touches to our games for this evening.

Our lanterns that we carved throughout the day were looking fabulous and flickering in the warmth of our wee house.


To start off we all had a wee go dooking for apples. everyone tried very hard and ended up with very wet faces. For the next game I hid lollipops underneath a blanket of flour. The object was to catch the stick part of the lollipop with your teeth – leading to a dusty flour filled face. The last activity was more hands on – hidden wrapped sweeties in cold baked beans. This was so messy but incredibly good fun.

Once everyone had had a shot at each activity we all had a wee Halloween cup full of popcorn and sweets whilst watching Hocus Pocus- a classic Halloween film.

I was so pleased we had a fun filled night that everyone enjoyed, no soaking wet jackets,no traipsing door to door, no overload of sweets for us bliss.