Going Bananas

In our large household there is not much time for fussy eating, due to finances and time constraints. In particular our daughter went totally off bananas. Nightmare, as it is a lovely cheap healthy piece of fruit. I was getting tired seeing the bruised sad bananas returned home encased in her wee pink lunch box among the crumbs of the days lunch,so decided to make things more fun for her and her brother. 

I used to enjoy drawing -when I indeed had the time to do so. So using my very rusty drawing skills i decided to liven up my children’s lunchboxes. With the hope of encouraging the bananas to be eaten instead of returned.

Here are some of my attempts.Image 




These are just a few but you get the idea.  You don’t need to be a particularly amazing artist .You need a steady hand and a sharp knife. Most households will have objects with children’s favourite cartoon character on – just copy the best you can. By scoring into the skin the drawing slowly darkens over the course of the day.It is a lovely way to send a special wee message to your child throughout their school day. My daughter now loves bananas and cant wait to see what is drawn on it each day. Hooray! 


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