Recycle Rag Wreath

The pace of life has been quick and I have found myself less and less time to do something which I enjoy. I have been admiring rag wreaths from afar and decided to get together bits and pieces to make my own. I ordered the base of the wreath via Ebay and as I do not have an endless supply of money chose some ‘past it’ old school clothes for the body of the project. Along with a pair of scissors and time, which should have been spent washing dishes and enthusiasm I was good to go.

rag wreaths 001

I watched a few videos via you tube on how to create a rag wreath then just got started. I cut the old school trousers, polo shirt and summer dress into strips to be tied on the wreath.
rag wreaths 002

The next step was relatively easily when you had come up with your own technique.The wreath began to take shape. 🙂
rag wreaths 003

I was luckily my children were busying themselves together and letting me get on and finish my little project. Good Children.

rag wreaths 004

So today I learned a new skill, Friday the 13th is not so bad after all.


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