Going Bananas

In our large household there is not much time for fussy eating, due to finances and time constraints. In particular our daughter went totally off bananas. Nightmare, as it is a lovely cheap healthy piece of fruit. I was getting tired seeing the bruised sad bananas returned home encased in her wee pink lunch box among the crumbs of the days lunch,so decided to make things more fun for her and her brother. 

I used to enjoy drawing -when I indeed had the time to do so. So using my very rusty drawing skills i decided to liven up my children’s lunchboxes. With the hope of encouraging the bananas to be eaten instead of returned.

Here are some of my attempts.Image 




These are just a few but you get the idea.  You don’t need to be a particularly amazing artist .You need a steady hand and a sharp knife. Most households will have objects with children’s favourite cartoon character on – just copy the best you can. By scoring into the skin the drawing slowly darkens over the course of the day.It is a lovely way to send a special wee message to your child throughout their school day. My daughter now loves bananas and cant wait to see what is drawn on it each day. Hooray! 



Yesterday I faced one of my most taxing hurdles ever. I signed up to take part in my nearest Roadblockrun after finding out that my husband was experiencing heart problems. I am by no means a runner and a particularly bad case of pelvis separation whilst carrying my 6th baby has left me unable to do most of the things others take for granted. I completed the Race for Life in June 2013, but that was just a 5k and this run was twice as long .

But in true Mammagc style I was not going to let that stop me. I was lucky enough to have a good friend of mine sign up with me,and for her support friendship and encouragement I shall be forever thankful. We would achieve this goal together. I had been upping my fitness using my dear bike Vlad and also following a diet plan to shed some unwanted baby weight. But the whole travelling long distances on foot always left me in a lot of pain and very sore for a few days after. 

I don’t drive so my daily routine itself involves a lot of walking taking children to nursery and school and various clubs throughout the week. I ditched our pram and have been wearing our 10 month old on my back whilst doing so. I also managed to sneak  in a few walks in the evening with my friend completing the run and my eldest son. In hindsight a lot more training should have been done. Image

We both battled colds the weeks leading up to the race in typical Autumnal fashion. But pushing through the coughs and sneezes gave us a good opportunity to catch up and have a laugh whilst preparing.  Roadblockrun is a fun event, you can dress up if the notion takes you. I adore dressing up so us wearing costumes was a given. Costumes organised, and we were raring to go. 

It was a particularly early start, especially on a Sunday morning, to get us through to Edinburgh for the event. But wearing costumes and huge smiles on our faces we were ready to give this challenge our all. Image

Neither of us were familiar with Edinburgh and after a wee bit of a detour, which acted as warm up, we jumped in a black cab to take us to the start. Our taxi driver was such a pleasant fella and he got us there super speedy time, even when having to deal with the many big people carriers scrambling for free parking spaces in the city centre.

After an initial sign up and a very basic warm up the hardcore runners set off first. Watching all these amazing people doing something for others was truly wonderful. The slower of the competitors were all set off in wee groups of ten. We got chatting to other runners and it was such a lovely atmosphere, helped along by the beautiful weather sun shining down on us. 

The race course itself was tricky mostly up hill and I did struggle at points. But my good friend and others around me were cheering me on. Along the course there were various obstacles for you to undertake ranging from hurdles, tunnels, mazes and the inflatable assault course which ended in a huge pool of foam. I was glad of the short wait at the inflatables to catch my breath and hydrate myself. Half way there Go us!!!ImageImage

Climbing up the inflatables and messing around in the foam was exactly the relief that I needed from my wee world dealing with my poorly Husband. It was great to realize we were half way there and that the rest of the course was mostly downhill. Hooray!!

My little hips and pelvis at this point were beginning to hurt but I just kept thinking about how this time last year I could not walk and was using crutches to get around, reminding myself how far I had come. My partner and I were so proud to complete all the obstacles put in front of us. 

We  knew we were going to be the last to finish the race, as most of the other entrants were all miles ahead but we were glad we had completed the race in our own time and knew our limitations. The old saying ‘its the taking part that counts ‘ could not have rang more true. The sight of the 9k flag in my view was tremendous. Just one short km to go and we had achieved what we had set out to do. We could not be more proud.


As we approached the finish line the compare was cheering us on by our names and everyone was rooting for us. We crossed the line triumphant. There were professional photographers and we were busied into a mini photo shoot, the smiles depicting our whole sense of achievement. Can’t wait to see those snaps. 

As I mentioned I am not so familiar with the city of Edinburgh but i think today I fell a wee bit in love with a city in which I was able to reach my goal and achieve success. The beautiful architecture and cultural surroundings are astounding. After a well deserved pub lunch we made our long trip home. Edinburgh we will be back but next time to catch a musical or perhaps take in the tourist hot spots. Thanks everyone who sponsored us XX






Recycle Rag Wreath

The pace of life has been quick and I have found myself less and less time to do something which I enjoy. I have been admiring rag wreaths from afar and decided to get together bits and pieces to make my own. I ordered the base of the wreath via Ebay and as I do not have an endless supply of money chose some ‘past it’ old school clothes for the body of the project. Along with a pair of scissors and time, which should have been spent washing dishes and enthusiasm I was good to go.

rag wreaths 001

I watched a few videos via you tube on how to create a rag wreath then just got started. I cut the old school trousers, polo shirt and summer dress into strips to be tied on the wreath.
rag wreaths 002

The next step was relatively easily when you had come up with your own technique.The wreath began to take shape. 🙂
rag wreaths 003

I was luckily my children were busying themselves together and letting me get on and finish my little project. Good Children.

rag wreaths 004

So today I learned a new skill, Friday the 13th is not so bad after all.