Home is where the Heart is

ImageAs children all over Scotland are preparing for a return back to school new pencils cases filled, new school shoes bought and excitement is in the air. At the same time I hear a big sigh of relief as parent welcome the start of a new term. 

Being a Mum of 6 throws challenges at you almost every day, Squabbling,Fussy eating and general child related issues. The challenge we were not ready for was that my partner in crime and tag team member would get ill. Especially after our busy start to the holidays after our youngest daughters corrective foot surgery. 

It is wrong that the person who you have looked to for strength and protection now appears to be so unwell. So many many adjustments have had to be made. I am thankful for my understanding children and my close friends for their love and support during this incredibly hard time.

I am pushing my anger and frustration for this heart condition my husband has developed  into getting fitter and will be taking part in a Road Block Run. I am by no means a runner/ jogger so I had best get my sneakers on and get warmed up and prepared for the event. I am hoping to raise some money for this worthwhile charity. If you could spare a couple of pounds I would be very thankful. 

 <a href=’http://www.justgiving.com/Aileen-Goodfellow-Crichton&#8217; title=’JustGiving – Sponsor me now!’ target=’_blank’><img src=’http://www.justgiving.com/App_Themes/JustGiving/images/badges/badge10.gif&#8217; width=’270′ height=’50’ alt=’JustGiving – Sponsor me now!’ /></a>


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