getting to know you…..challenge

Here are the blog post titles for the challenge: (You can include images in the posts if you like) 

Day 1 (2nd of July) Introduce yourself. 
Who are you? Why would you like to start blogging? What are your hobbies? What do you love? What do you hate? 

Day 2 (3rd of July) Write about a typical day for you. 

Day 3 (4th of July) Tell us about a happy memory

Day 4 (5th of July) Create a post on something your good at. What is it? Tell us how you go about doing it. Why are you good at it?

Day 5 (6th of July) Post a favourite photo of yourself or if you would like to remain anonymous a photo which reflects your personality. Why do you like it?

Day 6 (7th of July) Your favourite home made meal. Why do you love it? If you make it post the recipe so that we can all give it a go! 

Day 7 (8th of July) What are your goals for the next 6 months? This takes us up to the end of the year. Don’t have goals? Then make some! 

Day 8 (9th of July) What is your favourite quote and why?

Day 9 (10th of July) Outfit of the day. What are you wearing today? Why?

Day 10 (11th of July) Tell us about the best Holiday you have ever been on. 

Day 11 (12th of July) Tell us about your funniest moment ever. You know the one where you laughed so hard tears stream down your face? That one! 

Day 12 (13th of July) Create something. Take photos and show us what you have created. If you can tell us how we can also go about making it.

Day 13 (14th of July) Film review! Tell us all about your favourite film

Day 14 (15th of July) Take us to your favourite place. Include photos and explain why you love it there

Day 15 (16th of July) What is your most cherished belonging?

Day 16 (17th of July) Life lessons, one tip you stick by in life. 

Day 17 (18th of July) How do you relax and wind down? 

Day 18 (19th of July) Your yummiest dessert. What is it? How can we make it

Day 19 (20th of July) Book review! Which is your favourite book? Why?

Day 20 (21st of July) You know those goals we spoke about earlier? Write a plan on how you will achieve your goals in the next 6 months

Day 21 (22nd of July) Who are you proud of?

Day 22 (23rd of July) What is your favourite song? Why is it your favourite song? Which lyrics do you love most about it?

Day 23 (24th of July) Your favourite mug. Oh we all have them! 

Day 24 (25th of July) Give us your most very favourite recipe. 

Day 25 (26th of July) Tea or Coffee? What is your morning ritual? 

Day 26 (27th of July) Write a Thank You letter to someone, this can be anyone at all and can stay anonymous if you so wish.

Day 27 (28th of July) 5 Pictures that represent your personality

Day 28 (29th of July)Your favourite tv programme. 

Day 29 (30th of July) We all have them, whats your guilty pleasure?

Day 30 (31st of July) A letter to everyone involved in your blogging journey. Tell us how joining in with the challenge helped you, did you enjoy it? Did you like reading other blogs? What have you learnt?

Think this shall be fun. I may have to play catch up at some points as it is summer holidays here in Scotland already but think it is a good insight. I learned of it from 

A page I follow on Facebook where a lovely lady makes things and shares her stories of raising three boys, 


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