My Brave little Girl


Last time i blogged i was discussing the feeling of worry i was experiencing because my little girl was to undergo some corrective surgery to her foot. As parents we are programmed to protect our children and i knew this operation would be painful, but also necessary.

We set off a little party of three to the hospital – Lyra been nil by mouth in preparation for her operation. My little princess so unaware of the big events of today.

Upon arrival we were shown to a ward where a delightful nurse put us at ease – this still did not stop me bubbling like a baby myself. Our little star was full of smiles throughout. Once all formalities had been performed we were free to go and play yay!

There were two different rooms one playroom for before operations and one for after. The room steadily filled up with other parents and children here for other types of surgery. Parents looking anxious clutching at small overnight bags and children dressed in pj’s playing – as children do. 

We were made dinner on plastic plates by a young girl and Lyra was chatting to a wee girl who was busy at the arts and craft table. As the morning went on names were called and the children filtered out of playroom one to have their procedure. We were given a rough guide as to when we would be taken and as the clock slowly ticked away I knew our time was nearly upon us. 

Lyra began getting very fractious missing her regular feeds and snacks of the day and general tiredness was overtaking her small frame. She was wanting the comforting milk from me and I was not allowed to give her any – heart breaking. She settled for a while in her daddy’s arms but her rest did not last long. I took her a wee walk up and down the length of the playroom and she let sleep win. 

A nurse came in and said her name. My heart jumped – it was time. Seeing her little tiny self held in her daddy’s strong arms I thought I would be hysterical but somehow i knew she would be ok. I found comfort in another mother who had been through this with her son on various occasions and her kind words of reassurance I will never forget.

She was sleeping soundly under the safe watch of nurses and the team looking after her. This gave us the chance to stretch our legs and get some fresh air and pick up a wee token   for being such a brave girl.Image


After some soggy sandwiches purchased in a garage on a way to the hospital that morning, a wee flick through a magazine and some banter with my husband to lighten the atmosphere and worry- which was so evidently spread across my brow she was in recovery- all was ok. 

Filled with dread of how she would be – screaming in pain etc I went through to my wee star. Lying in her Daddy’s arms a small whimper coping with everything around her- my brave little girl. Famished from fasting for her operation i was keen to feed her. Accomodating post operation equipment and a large bandaged foot was a new nursing experience for us both but such a rewarding experience – the nurse congratulated me that this was thee best medicine she could have 🙂Image


She was sleepy but within half an hour was back to her usual cheeky playful self. All that worry and heartache for nothing. It is amazing just how much that children can cope with, even better than their parents. I am thankful that she is ok and pleased to live in a country where she was able to get the corrective treatment she needed. 

I thank Mr Watson and his team at Yorkhill hospital for looking after my family forever in your debt X


Facing your fears

ImageAs a mother of a large family I come up against tasks which i would rather not be doing- on an almost daily basis. Whether it be ploughing through the huge mountain of washing, unblocking blocked toilets or being a referee to my 6 wonderful children over which activity to do next. These are just trivial, you dig deep and get on with it because that is just what you have to do.

Tomorrow I have to face my fear 😦 I am absolutely petrified of hospitals. Our little girl who was born just 7 months ago has to go in for some corrective foot surgery. I gaze upon her large innocent blue eyes whilst she sits playing with her toy phone totally oblivious to what lies ahead tomorrow. The operation is necessary it will mean she can wear pretty little shoes and eventually join her sister dancing every week. 

I can’t even pretend that it is the fear of the unknown. I have had a wealth of experience in hospitals due to my very accident prone eldest son and just last year we had a similar situation when he needed teeth out under a general anaesthetic. So the protocol for operations are very vivid in mind. I know what I am going to and what to expect. I don’t know whether it’s because she is a baby that makes it all so much worse. God what a wuss I am.

I am just hoping that our being in the recovery room does not result in a similar set of circumstances with me on a heart monitor beside her lol! Perhaps we shall pre -warn the staff. 

 It is hard to describe to someone exactly what having a fear of something is like. From the minute I got up this morning I have had the sweaty hand syndrome, butterflies in your tummy feeling  and my emotions have been on their own personal roller coaster. 

As her foot will be bandaged for quite some time tonight i plan to give her a lovely relaxing bath and try and calm myself down and prepare myself for the events of tomorrow.I count myself very lucky that as a family with so many children this is really the first major need for hospital treatment and regard my wee girl extremely lucky to live in a country where she shall get the treatment she needs at a hospital which reputation is brilliant. I still have her things to pack in her overnight bag (just in case) and a million other things to do for tomorrow. Keep us in your thoughts thanks XXImage



So much to do -so little time

I started this venture so I could write about the busy life of a mother of 6. I apologize for my absence but being a mother of six has left me no time to write. Irony at its best !

So i will just share a few pictures of things we have been up to recently. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

just a small snippet of what we have been involved in here. I strive to be a better blogger XX