Is today over?

It’s 23.57 not quite Sunday yet, and I have been on the go since 5 ish this morning.I thank partying hard (life before kids) for enabling me to function on such a meagre ration of zzzz’s.

Our youngest is teething ūüė¶ It seems no amount of calpol, teething powders or hugs in general are providing her with any relief. I do not know why I am surprised, as the other 5 were exactly the same, but when expecting a new baby your mind softens the hard bits of parenting- that is until they happen.

My tag team member was no where to be seen either as he works all day Sat. So for the best part of the whole day it is little old me and my half dozen brood. I do get a small amount of respite- as without fail my good old Mum pops in for a cup of coffee,and  chat. I think she is just checking we are all still alive Ha! The work of a mother is never done.

I do not know what possessed me but in amongst the chaos of the teething baby, mischeivious toddler, wailing 4 year old, middluns ( the affectionate term we use to describe the 2nd and 3rd born- very close in age and also full of misheif ) and the pre- teens demands I scheduled a delivery of shopping or messages as we call them in Scotland. 

I embarrassingly do not drive, I have sat tests the -first sending me into premature labour (well I think so anyway ;-))but need to work on my whole confidence first before attempting again.The idea of all 7 of us traipsing on a bus and navigating a supermarket fills me with dread. God bless internet shopping!

So all 8 crates ( the poor delivery man had to make two trips) are transported to the house and packed away without much fuss- many hands make light work and all that!

The rest of the day disappeared into a haze of food making, clearing up,re-cycling, nappy changing, chasing our 2 year old, cradling of baby, breast and bottle feeding. But somehow I managed to whip up a chicken roast dinner (Ta da!) in perfect time for the hubby’s return from work- much to his delight. He was famished.

Unfortunately this adult company was not to last as he was to attend a 40th birthday party without me. Another evening of staying home with the kids for me then. We rarely go out and finding a babysitter who is willing to take on the six of our crew is like finding a needle in a haystack. My mum normally steps in but was timetabled  to work boo hiss!

So feeling a bit like Cinderella, been slaving away all day and there is no sign of a fairy godmother making an appearance ( All those fairy tales I read as a youngster – i feel robbed.)

So once hubby closed the door off out galavanting again baby was sleeping, I bath half the children the other half can be done tomorrow. 3 in bed and 3 still up not so bad could be worse.

I have a very close bond with my eldest child. I was very young only 20 when I brought him into the world. We have been through a lot together.Hes only been on this earth 12 years but its hard to remember life with out him. Anyway enough sentimental gubbings. 


After my tough day, I come downstairs weary and disheartened to find my wonder boy is cradling his baby sister, has the kettle on, a dvd selected and by heavens the biscuit tin has been brought out too.Brilliant! 

So just when you are about to give upon fairy tales ( silly woman tat I am ),remember someone- somewhere will be there to help.Not in the usual form of a fairy godmother but¬†even better your own son ‚̧


Night Mamma GC X




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