Get back on your bike!

As its coming up for my little baby’s fifth month upon this wonderful earth of ours I think it is now time I have to think about getting back to fitness.

I suffered horrendously, and still am if I am honest, with severe pelvis separation whilst carrying my 6th baby. This lead me to being housebound for quite a while during the run up to her arrival. As a mum of 5 then having to be held together by a velcro fastened belt and hobbling about on crutches-It was not a good time!

This has restricted my recovery from pregnancy quite considerably. In a former life I was a dancer and have always been very supple and on the whole very healthy. This condition has not only affected my mobility on a day to day basis, but totally knocked my confidence too.

I am adamant to resurrect this feeling of confidence and positive thinking once again and also re-gain my pre- pregnancy shape or should that be cast away the baby weight. Whatever way you look at it I am going to give it my best shot.( Also the recent engagement of my elder sister may indeed require me to don a bridesmaids dress of such and at the moment that is just not something I would be comfortable doing at the minute.)

This is not the first time I have turned to exercise using a bike to get those happy hormones pumping. My wonderful husband bought me a second hand bike after I went through a particularly hard time after the loss of my dearly beloved Dad to Cancer. The freedom and overall feeling of well being which going out for a nightly cycle gave me was astounding, and I thank my friend Claire for joining me on many an occasion XX Cheers Mrs Kennedy XX


This is my new bike his name is Vlad. I took him for my first spin the other night after a particular stressful day full of bickering, whining and general day to day mundane activitiessuch as washing and doing dishes ZZZZZZZ.

Vlad I hear you say. Why call your bike Vlad ?? Well after my first journey on this awesome new means of transportation I caught my leg on the mud guard causing me to rip my only good pair of leggings which were 1) not covered in stains baby sick 2)had not seen me through a pregnancy and been stretched to oblivion and back. Ripped leggings were not the worst of it the spoke impaled in my lower knee- so hence Vlad the impalor!!!Image

I count myself particularly lucky to live in a part of the world which is touched by such indescribable beauty. This is a shot taken when I paused to have a wee sip of water on my way home with ripped leggings and a bleeding leg. Great isn’t it!t

So I made it! My first exercise outing on my new friend Vlad.I was delighted to come to the spot where I see before me the picturesque village which has such a special place in my heart Rhu Argyll & Bute.Image


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